Find Out the Finest Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Detoxification, or “detox,” is the beginning of the rehabilitation process for people who are severely physically dependent upon their drug of choice. It helps ensure a safe, stable recovery while ridding the patient’s body of drug residues and the symptoms of physical dependence.

Why is Detox Necessary?

The residues left in a person’s tissues and bloodstream can interfere with recovery and cause severe withdrawal symptoms, so trained clinicians will purify the client’s body of these toxins and mitigate withdrawal with medication as necessary. Quitting many substances “cold turkey” is an unwise decision, as the withdrawal symptoms can be drastic, or even fatal. In clinical detox, medical staff will monitor the patient around the clock, ensure their safety by administering medications to mitigate severe withdrawal symptoms, and cleanse the patient’s body of drug residue. Following this procedure, the patient is ready to begin therapy and counseling, which form the body of the rehabilitation process.


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