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Alcohol is a major problem in the United States and elsewhere. According to the Centers for Disease Control, alcohol is the fourth leading cause of preventable death in America. Alcohol abuse causes the death of some 75,000 Americans every year, shortening their lives by an average of 30 years, according to the CDC in 2005. And this number doesn’t include the thousands, perhaps millions, who are affected in some way by alcohol—the children of alcoholic and abusive parents, individuals who were injured or maimed in drunk driving accidents, or people born with FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome). As the most populous state in America and the home of numerous universities and “party towns,” California is a hotbed of alcohol-related problems: the CDC estimated that, in 2006, alcohol cost the state of California as much as $32 billion.

One of the difficulties in fighting the alcoholic trend is that large numbers of Americans (particularly the young) believe that alcohol, widely available and legal, is somehow more “safe” than street drugs, club drugs, or hard substances like cocaine or heroin. Drinking is also a part of American culture and is indelibly associated with holidays and special occasions. All of this combines to make alcohol a tough habit to break. To break the chains of alcohol addiction, competent medical care and qualified therapists are required. A well-equipped rehab facility and its trained therapeutic staff have the expertise and knowledge necessary to put anyone suffering from alcoholism back on track.


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