My Daughter Taught Me How to Live

Posted: December 28, 2015 by

mother and daughter


If I could just ask every parent about what they want to give their children, I bet all of them will have similar answers – to provide their children a better future. Indeed, being a parent means having a huge responsibility when it comes to our children. We always want to make sure that our presence will be constantly felt especially when these precious gifts of ours are faced with such difficulties and realities of life. Thus, one of our main goals is to make sure that our children will live a normal and healthy life.

Most parents, including me, would want our children to finish schooling, pursue their chosen field, and to achieve their ambitions in life. And I guess, not even a single parent would ever dream of having a child who is a drug addict. Yes, I admit. I am a mother of an addict, and I am proud of it.

“She made me a better person, much better than who I am before.”

Few months ago, I never expected that these words will ever came out from my mouth. It was the very first time that I uttered those words, even to myself. Unknowingly, those words just suddenly flushed out from my nerves.

My daughter was diagnosed with anxiety disorder at an early age of 13. I thought this was the most heart breaking point that every parent is likely to encounter. But I guess I was wrong. This was just the beginning of an uncertain journey. All things turned out to be more difficult not just for my loving daughter, but also for us – her parents.

Few weeks later, after having a regular intake of anti-depressants, my daughter felt like it was not working for her at all. This condition led her to take large amount of medications which resulted to overdose. That time, I was not really aware that her struggles have already reached the most crucial point, and that was the moment that we already sent her to hospital and give her proper treatment.

At a certain point, I have thought of one thing. “What have I learned?” I think this could be one of the major questions that a parent of a child who suffers from addiction, like me, can ask himself or herself. I can say that learned that I am a lot stronger than I have ever imagined. My daughter’s painful situation made me realize that I am not just a mother. But indeed, I am a loving mother that is willing to sacrifice almost everything just to see her child in comfort.

Being a parent of a child who is an addict made me more forgiving and compassionate. My daughter taught me to appreciate even the simplest and smallest things about life. Thus, her situation has led me to realize that it is more important to fight for the moment instead of worrying about the past, or what the future can bring. I learned that I can’t let her struggle alone; it is about battling her addiction together.

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