5 Warning Signs You’re Messed Up

Posted: January 5, 2016 by

warning signs of addiction


Often we hear news about recent deaths of people relating to drug cases or overdoses. Some of them we knew about like the different popular actors such as Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Cory Monteith. We hardly noticed that there is something wrong with them because of their successful careers and joyous life. We tend to get upset and regret their lives for they have significant contributions in the world of Hollywood.

Many people out there who seems happy and contented with their successful life battle addiction everyday whether it is with drugs or with alcoholism. Maybe, the deaths of these actors are a wake-up call to take a hard look on the mirror.

It’s a sad fact that some addicts don’t reach out to anyone. They may be ashamed to ask for help or they actually just refuse the facts that there is a growing addiction on alcohol or substances. Some isolate themselves from their families and friends leaving them with no one to reach out for help. They continue to engage with their destructive behaviors because they feel helpless and alone.

Experiencing this kind of feeling makes you ask yourself if you’re an addict. Maybe you are still puzzled because of the effects that alcohol and drugs bring to your body. Below are some clues to help you evaluate if you’re and addict. If the warning signs agree to the life you have now, maybe it’s time for you to consider asking for help.

Drugs or alcohol damages your relationships. Alcohol and drug abuse can produce severe damages in your relationships. You might be busy getting high on the couch forgetting you have to meet your significant other, or you are out drinking alcohol the whole night you forget to call your mom for her birthday or you might have left early from a gathering with your brother to buy drugs from your dealer. Intake of drugs and alcohol causes you emotional and mental problems that impact your relationships such as feeling of paranoia, forgetfulness, depression, anger and more. When they have seen that you begin to have a problem with your drug or alcohol use it builds more tension leaving you with broken families and broken relationships.

There is a high alcohol or drug tolerance. The longer you take or drink alcohol in a regular basis, you may observe that it takes more substances to get you high than it used to. This means that you’re building up a tolerance and is a hard sign that you have an addiction. When this tolerance gets out of control, it puts you to a greater risk for overdose.

Taking drugs or drinking alcohol to escape withdrawal symptoms. Suddenly stopping from alcohol or drug abuse may cause withdrawal symptoms. This mirrors that your body’s dependence on substances and when drugs or alcohol is not taken it will show immediate effects such as hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, tremors or shakes, depression and behavioral changes. When you use substances to escape these symptoms it is a sign that you have addiction problems.

There is a change in your behavior and looks. Alcoholics and drug addicts become obsessed with the thought of getting their next high that they pay less attention to daily needs such as eating, sleeping drinking, bathing or even brushing teeth. This ruins their looks and appearance also tending to change their behaviors.

You lie about drug or alcohol use. The moment you tried to hide drug or alcohol use it means that there is something wrong with your usage. Skipping out parties just to get high or making excuses of being ill to not attend a party may indicate that you’re an addict. Individuals never conceal healthy behaviors, why not try telling the truth and seek help to keep you sober.

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